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Kayla Craig is a parent to four wild, wonderful kids and the author of Every Season Sacred: Reflections, Prayers, and Invitations to Nourish Your Soul and Nurture Your Family throughout the Year and To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents.


She is the creator of Liturgies for Parents, where she shares nuanced and nurturing prayers for you to borrow for your fantastic, dirty, messy, holy life.

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, Neighbor

Faithful explorations

Kayla’s background is in journalism, and she hopes to bring curiosity and compassion to how she shows up not only as a writer and podcaster but as a neighbor, friend, and mother.


She regularly contributes to PBS KIDS for Parents and shares faithful explorations as an (in)courage contributor.  Kayla created the popular Liturgies for Parents Instagram account, where she shares liturgies (and breath prayers) for parents relevant to our real experiences.

for all

Kayla believes in a more

compassionate & equitable world

for her four children —

and children everywhere.

When Kayla and her husband added four children in five years to their family through birth and adoption, she left her journalist role to keep up with her crew and work from home as a writer.


Though she’s worked in newsrooms and spent time as a magazine editor and podcast producer, these days, she’s juggling deadlines at home while navigating her sons’ wayward LEGOs and learning to be an advocate for her disabled daughter.

photo by Anjana Olson

making room

Kayla has stayed up countless nights searching for the right words to pray for her kids’ varied personalities and needs.


She often writes about seeing God’s image in our literal and global neighbor and is passionate about catching glimmers of holy moments in unexpected places.

“ May all your life -
your fantastic,
holy life -
be a prayer. ”
Kayla Craig
Author of Every Season Sacred & To Light Their Way
Creator of Liturgies for Parents

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