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Why preorder? Preorders play a huge role in the success of a book (they help ensure that retailers stock enough and don’t run out!).


When you preorder, you don’t pay until the book actually releases (Sept. 19), and you’re guaranteed the lowest price, as book prices often fluctuate online. 


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conversation cards

Dive deeper into conversation with those you love (of all ages) with these open-ended questions. These are professionally designed & made to print, but you can keep them on your phone or tablet!


Kayla has curated an Every Season Sacred fall playlist just for you. It has more than nine hours of curated music for fall.
Pop in your headphones & enjoy!

early chapters

You'll get to read the introduction and the first two chapters just in time for fall. You'll find reflections, breath prayers, conversation prompts, and liturgies for your family to use.

daily prayers

Turn to this booklet of prayers again and again with your kids of all ages & stages! Kayla wrote these simple liturgies
for morning, mid-day, shared meals, evening, and bedtime.

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